All about granite and quartz countertops Orlando by Edstone Inc

After all, today’s market is flooded with choices, so it is not a quick process. But, once you have decided not to go with the Formica countertops of days gone by, you are then faced with choosing from surfaces such as limestone, marble, granite, and quartz. let us look at granite and quartz countertops Orlando Edstone Inc

However, did you know that quartz is rapidly becoming the second most chosen? Yes, that’s right, the second most popular kitchen countertop is quartz. But what is that makes this the case? Consider the pros and cons of quartz versus granite countertops.

Granite versus Quartz Countertops: Durability

Perhaps one of the most significant criteria for choosing between quartz and granite countertops is its ability to stand up to the daily use and occasional abuse necessary. So, keep in mind that while granite is a solid stone that resists cracking and chipping quite well. Quartz rates stronger on the hardness scale, so it is more crack and chip resistant. However, it should be noted that both stones should not have a square corner included in the countertop design; instead, opt for a bullnose edge or a more rounded edge.

Granite versus Quartz Countertops: Stains

Of the two materials, quartz is more stain resistant even without being sealed merely because it is a nonporous material and can withstand common stains such as vinegar, coffee, wine or oil. Granite must be sealed, and later re-sealed, to prevent staining. However, some types of quartz can be discolored if they are in an area where copious amounts of sunlight are common.

Granite versus Quartz Countertops: Safety
It is not something one needs to be concerned about. While it is a found in both materials, studies by the Consumer Reports have found that the amount is minuscule, and not enough to be concerned over, comparing the amount of radon the size of a birthday candle flame’s heat versus that of a bonfire.

Granite versus Quartz Countertops: Price

This will change based on where you purchase your stone and what type you choose. The price will fluctuate from showroom to showroom so that the difference per square is often only a few dollars difference. Also, while quartz is usually a bit higher, the lower cost in upkeep makes the difference balance out as time goes by.

Granite versus Quartz Countertops: Installation

Regardless of which countertop surface you select, plan on having them installed by a professional. Each of these surfaces is heavy and requires specific knowledge and tools to establish appropriately around corners and sinks.

Granite versus Quartz Countertops: Seams

Although both stones will mean seams unless you are using a small piece, then having a suture is to be expected. However, the seams in darker quartz are typically less visible, which gives the room an immaculate, modern look. If you opt for multiple colors of quartz or patterned quartz, the seams will be harder to hide, but they will still be less noticeable than seams in a granite countertops Palm Coast. these are the options available to you for granite and quartz countertops Orlando to cosider

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